Q2 2016 Digital Market Tracker

Abstract Digital semiconductors include microprocessors, DSP, microcontrollers, logic, and memory.  Combined sales of these product families constitute 67 percent of the semiconductor market.  This year, due to a slowdown in smartphone ...MORE

Q2 2016 Medical Market Tracker

Abstract The market for semiconductors used in medical electronics continues to outperform other application markets.  This year, the market is expected to reach a high of $4.7 billion.  Strong growth in ...MORE

Q2 2016 Timing Devices Market Tracker

Abstract The timing devices product market includes clock generation devices such as PLLs, CMOS oscillators, MEMs resonators, synthesizers, and crystal clocks, and clock distribution ICs.  The market is expected to reach ...MORE

Q2 2016 DSP Market Tracker

Abstract The DSP market is forecast to reach $2.7 billion this year driven primarily by new DSP designs targeting the automotive market.  This tracker provides forecasts for DSP by region, by ...MORE

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