Q2 2014 RF Power Amplifier and Transceiver Market Tracker

The global communications application market was worth $446 billion in 2012. Wireless electronics constitutes 75 percent of the overall market, or $336 billion spent on wireless phones, infrastructure, and other… MORE

Q2 2014 Analog Market Tracker

Analog semiconductors support many functions within today’s electronic devices and are, therefore, a very strong market that does not tend to fluctuate as much as some of the digital markets…. MORE

Q2 2014 Power Market Tracker

The power management market includes power transistors, rectifiers, thyristors, linear regulators, LDO regulators, DC-DC converters, controllers, PMICs, power drivers, supervisors, battery ICs, and other integrated power circuits. This tracker provides… MORE

Q2 2014 Amplifier Market Tracker

Operational amplifiers (op amps) are signal conditioning circuits used to increase the amplitude of the differential voltage between two input nodes. Op amps typically provide signal conditioning for functions such… MORE

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