Q3 2016 Discretes Market Tracker

Abstract The discretes market is made of products including diodes, small signal transistors, power transistors (including modules), thyristors, rectifiers and other discretes.  The market is estimated at $19.5 billion.  Power transistors ...MORE

Q3 2016 Consumer Analog Market Tracker

Abstract Consumer analog includes all special purpose analog products that are used primarily in the consumer market.  Products include Audio Amplifiers, Audio DACs, Audio CODECs, TV Tuners, Video CODECs, Video Amplifiers, ...MORE

Q3 2016 Digital Market Tracker

Abstract The digital market includes processors, logic, and memory devices.  This market overall is expected to drop by 1 percent this year to $225 billion.  The wireless application processor market, display ...MORE

Q3 2016 DSP Market Tracker

Abstract While other market segments for DSP are quickly evaporating, the consumer segment and a growing demand in the automotive sector are providing a continuing market for this processor.  In 2016, ...MORE

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