Q4 2014 RF Power Amplifier and Transceiver Market Tracker

The RF (Wireless IC) market is expected to increase by 6 percent in terms of revenue and 14 percent for unit shipments reflecting a drop in ASPs. Long term, this… MORE

Q4 2014 Timing Devices Market Tracker

Timing is important in all electronic applications. ICs are quickly eating away at the traditional crystal oscillator market and that has provided a needed drive in demand for semiconductor solutions… MORE

Q4 2014 Performance Analog Market Tracker

Performance analog products include high speed, precision, and high efficiency products classified as operational amplifiers, interface, comparators, power ICs, and Analog ASSPs. This market is growing faster than the overall… MORE

Q4 2014 Smart Phone Market and Tablet Tracker

Leading suppliers of high end smartphones include Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and LG. Databeans estimates that over $35 billion of 2013 worldwide semiconductor revenue was contributed to sales of products used… MORE

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