Q4 2015 Audio Market Tracker

The audio market is a subsegment of the large consumer semiconductor market which is expected to reach over $60 billion this year. Audio applications constitute 27 percent of this market…. MORE

Q4 2015 Timing Devices Market Tracker

The timing devices market is expected to contract this year with worldwide revenue predicted at nearly $3.3 billion. This market is strongly influenced by the health of the consumer and… MORE

Q4 2015 Industrial Market Tracker

The industrial market is expected to perform slightly higher than the overall semiconductor market this year with an estimated growth for worldwide revenue predicted at 4 percent. This market should… MORE

Q4 2015 Performance Analog Market Tracker

Performance Analog includes standard analog products and a few ASSPs that are either high speed, precision, or high efficiency power products. The market is estimated to be around $15 billion… MORE

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