Q1 2015 Timing Devices Market Tracker

The timing devices market is shifting from traditional clock generation technology to CMOS. ICs used in timing which include PLLs, distribution, and synchronization ICs are also gaining share due to… MORE

2015 Analog Market Share

2014 worldwide analog revenue completed the year with a high of $44 billion. This large market is made up of application specific analog products as well as general purpose analog… MORE

Q1 2015 Power Market Tracker

Power Management continues to drive the overall analog IC market and arguably the entire semiconductor market as portable and wireless applications continue to proliferate. Power management ICs and discretes constitute… MORE

Q1 2015 Audio Market Tracker

The audio market is part of the larger consumer semiconductor market which is expected to reach $63 billion in 2015. Audio constitutes 27 percent of this segment in terms of… MORE

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