2015 Medical Semiconductors

For a while now, the semiconductor market has benefitted from the growing medical electronics industry which has been one of the few steady markets long term in the economy. Aging… MORE

Q2 2015 Semiconductor Market Tracker

After the first quarter, the semiconductor market has slowed somewhat from 2014 with an estimated growth rate for 2015 at 4 percent. While the communications market is on track to… MORE

Q2 2015 Discretes Market Tracker

Several product categories make up the discretes market including diodes, power transistors, small signal transistors, rectifiers, thyristors, and other discretes. This market is expected to remain flat in 2015 with… MORE

Q2 2015 Consumer Analog Market Tracker

The consumer analog market is made up by product sales for audio video other special purpose analog products that are used primarily in consumer applications, although some of these products… MORE

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