Q4 2016 Smart Phone and Tablet Market Tracker

Abstract Demand for smart phone ICs and tablets picked up slightly after the 3rd quarter, however, the are several product markets that are still suffering from marginal demand and falling prices ...MORE

Q4 2016 Microcontroller Market Tracker

Abstract Due to the strong automotive market for microcontrollers, total microcontroller revenue is expected to outperform the overall semiconductor market by growing by 12 percent this year.  Revenue is expected to ...MORE

Q4 2016 Sensors and MEMS Market Tracker

Abstract The sensors and MEMs market is estimated to reach $14.6 billion this year.  This is a substantial increase over levels in 2015, given the current condition of the overall semiconductor ...MORE

Q4 2016 Automotive Market Tracker

Abstract After the third quarter, the semiconductor market improved slightly overall, but the automotive market remains one of the strongest growing segments this year.  Global automotive semiconductor revenue in 2016 is ...MORE

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