Q3 2014 Analog Market Tracker

Analog semiconductors support many functions within today’s electronic devices and are, therefore, a very strong market that does not tend to fluctuate as much as some of the digital markets…. MORE

Q2 2014 Discretes Market Tracker

Discretes constitute the majority of semiconductors shipped worldwide, but by revenue they hold only a 6 percent revenue share of the overall semiconductors market. The discretes market includes diodes, transistors,… MORE

Q2 2014 Performance Analog Market Tracker

High performance analog includes precision, high speed and high efficiency products in the amplifier, data converter, interface, power management, and ASSP product families with these characteristics. This tracker provides forecasts… MORE

Q2 2014 Sensors and MEMS Market Tracker

Sensors and MEMs devices may only make up about 3 percent of the total semiconductor market, but they are being utilized in all types of applications that have never required… MORE

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