Q4 2017 Digital Market Tracker

Abstract The digital market includes processors, logic, and memory devices.  This market overall is expected to increase by 22 percent this year in terms of revenue and is responsible for the ...MORE

Q4 2017 Amplifier Market Tracker

Abstract Operational amplifiers are used in just about every application.  This market is expected to perform well in 2017 with 12 percent growth for worldwide revenue.  Amplifier products included in this ...MORE

Q4 2017 DSP Market Tracker


In 2017 the DSP market should reach $3.1 billion.  The largest and fastest growing application segment is automotive.  Automotive DSP sales are predicted to increase by 19 percent this year.

The ...MORE

Q4 2017 Audio Market Tracker

Abstract Databeans has revised down our estimate for worldwide semiconductor revenue in audio applications, however, the market is still expected to grow in double digits.  2017 should reach roughly $20 billion ...MORE

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