Q3 2017 Timing Devices Market Tracker


The timing devices market is expected to reach $3.4 billion this year which is a 6 percent increase from last year’s worldwide revenue.  The clock generation product family is the ...MORE

Q3 2017 Power Management Market Tracker

Abstract The power management market includes both discretes and integrated circuits.  Discretes include power transistors, rectifiers, and thyristors.  Integrated circuits include regulators, battery management, supervisors, voltage regulators, and other power devices.  ...MORE

Q3 2017 Amplifier Market Tracker

Abstract The amplifier market has improved since the second quarter and the forecast is now at 10 percent growth for 2017.  Amplifier products included in this market are General Purpose, Low ...MORE

Q3 2017 Industrial Semiconductor Market Tracker

Abstract The industrial semiconductor market is expected to reach $40 billion this year which constitutes 10 percent of the semiconductor industry.  Long term this market is expected to see growth of ...MORE

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