Q2 2017 Mobile Device Market Tracker

Abstract The smart phone market is expected to continue to dominate demand in terms of volume in the semiconductor industry. However, there are emerging application areas that are gaining traction, including ...MORE

Q2 2017 Data Converter Market Tracker

Abstract Along with other analog product markets, worldwide data converter revenue is expected to increase by 15 percent this year, outperforming the semiconductor market which is expected to increase by 11 ...MORE

Q2 2017 Audio Market Tracker

Abstract The market for semiconductors used in audio applications is expected to grow by 13 percent this year thanks to improved conditions in the analog market.  Analog revenue from audio applications ...MORE

Q2 2017 Microcontroller Market Tracker

Abstract Worldwide Microcontroller revenue finished 2016 6 percent lower than record revenue earned in 2015.  This year the market is expected to grow by 7 percent and reach a record high ...MORE

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