Q3 2017 Semiconductor Market Tracker

Abstract The memory makers in the semiconductor market are benefitting greatly by the 40 percent increase in pricing.  This is pulling up the entire semiconductor market which is now set to ...MORE

Q3 2017 Discretes Market Tracker

Abstract The discretes market is expected to reach nearly $22 billion this year for worldwide revenue.  All product segments are forecast to outperform the long term growth expected for total semiconductor ...MORE

Q3 2017 Audio Market Tracker

Abstract The audio market is expected to reach $22 billion this year.  This market includes semiconductor sales to all products used in the consumer, automotive, and consumer space that require audio ...MORE

Q3 2017 Medical Market Tracker

Abstract The market for semiconductors used in medical applications continues to drive worldwide revenue for industrial semiconductors despite only constituting 12 percent of the $40 billion market.  Leading edge technology for ...MORE

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