Q2 2017 Microcontroller Market Tracker

Abstract Worldwide Microcontroller revenue finished 2016 6 percent lower than record revenue earned in 2015.  This year the market is expected to grow by 7 percent and reach a record high ...MORE

Q2 2017 Discretes Market Tracker

Abstract The discretes market is made of products including diodes, small signal transistors, power transistors (including modules), thyristors, rectifiers and other discretes.  The market is estimated at $19.4 billion in 2016 ...MORE

Q2 2017 Automotive Market Tracker

Abstract Like last year, the automotive semiconductor market is expected to perform well with estimated worldwide revenue predicted to reach over $31 billion.  This market is increasing at an exponential rate ...MORE

Q2 2017 Interface Market Tracker

Abstract Interface products include display interface, Ethernet, LVDS, PCI, PCIe, RS-232/422/485, UARTs, USB, and ESD protection devices.  Combined the market is estimated at $4.8 billion and it is growing at a ...MORE

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