Q2 2018 Audio Market Tracker

Abstract The consumer semiconductor application market is expected to reach $85 billion this year.  Out of that total, the audio application market constitutes 30 percent.  Worldwide revenue is expected to increase ...MORE

Q2 2018 Timing Devices Market Tracker

Abstract Integrated solutions continue to eat into the traditional timing devices market.  Growing at a compound annual growth rate of 8 percent, revenue from these ICs should dominate the market in ...MORE

Q2 2018 Industrial Semiconductor Market Tracker

Abstract Databeans has revised its forecast for the industrial application market for semiconductors slightly higher due to continued high pricing in the memory market.  The market should reach a high of ...MORE

Q2 2018 Asia Pacific Semiconductor Market

Abstract Strong growth is expected for semiconductor revenue in the Asia Pacific market due to demand as well as continued high prices in the memory segment.  Long term, this region is ...MORE

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