Q3 2018 Digital Market Tracker

Abstract The digital market includes processors, logic, and memory devices.  This market overall is expected to increase by 18percent this year in terms of revenue and is responsible for the strong ...MORE

Q3 2018 Amplifier Market Tracker

Abstract Operational amplifiers are used in just about every application.  This market grew by 9 percent in 2017 and is expected to post stronger growth than expected this year. Amplifier products ...MORE

Q3 2018 DSP Market Tracker

Abstract Strong growth continues for DSP in the automotive market which will help boost worldwide revenue by 7 percent this year.  Our forecast has been revised down by a couple of ...MORE

Q3 2018 Audio Market Tracker

Abstract The audio application market spans from consumer electronics goods to the automotive market where designs are used to create high quality audio in vehicles.  This market is expected to reach ...MORE

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