2017 Semiconductors in Military and Aerospace

Abstract The market for semiconductors in the military and aerospace market is expected to reach $2.9 billion in 2017.  This is an 8 percent increase from 2016 due to better economic ...MORE

Q2 2017 Semiconductor Market Tracker

Abstract The semiconductor market is expected to recover this year, reaching over $370 billion.  This recovery is attributed to stronger economic trends in the US compared to last year as well ...MORE

Q2 2017 Timing Devices Market Tracker

Abstract Timing devices include legacy crystal clocks as well as silicon and MEMs solutions that both generate and distribute a clock signal required for processing in all application markets.  Revenue from ...MORE

Q2 2017 Industrial Market Tracker

Abstract The industrial application market for semiconductors is expected to increase by 7 percent in 2017 after a long period of flat growth.  Worldwide revenue is expected to reach $39 billion ...MORE

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