Q1 2019 Amplifier Market Tracker

Abstract Signal conditioning analog ICs include operational amplifiers and comparators.  The market is expected to grow around 6 percent this year. Amplifier products included in this market are General Purpose, Low ...MORE

Q1 2019 DSP Market Tracker

Abstract The largest application market for DSP is the automotive market followed by the industrial segment.  The Automotive market is expected to grow by 5 percent this year and have a ...MORE

Q1 2019 Audio Market Tracker

Abstract The consumer semiconductor market is expected to expand by 6 percent this year.  Revenue from audio specific applications is expected to increase by 8 percent.  Driving sales is the special ...MORE

Q1 2019 Timing Devices Market Tracker

Abstract Timing solutions continue to evolve with integrated circuit designs out pacing legacy crystal clocks.  This year, the integrated timing market is expected to grow by 11 percent while the legacy ...MORE

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