Q3 2017 Mobile Device Market Tracker

Abstract With the Galaxy 8 launch soon and the iPhone 8 launch later this year, smart phones are expected to continue to dominate demand in terms of volume in the semiconductor ...MORE

Q3 2017 Microcontroller Market Tracker

Abstract The important trends in the microcontroller market include increasing demand for 32-Bit and higher resolution products for automotive applications.  Because of this, regional demand in Europe and Asia remains high.  ...MORE

Q3 2017 Analog Market Tracker

Abstract With its strong exposure to the industrial and automotive application markets, the analog semiconductor market is expected to increase by 9 percent in 2017 reaching $52 billion.  Other growth drivers ...MORE

Q3 2017 Sensors and MEMS Market Tracker

Abstract The sensors and MEMs market is roughly $17 billion and is growing faster than many of the product markets in the semiconductor industry.  This year, the market is expected to ...MORE

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