2016 Semiconductor Revenue Forecast


After the completion of the first quarter, the semiconductor industry is on track for another year of marginal growth, but not all product markets will be affected.  Notable markets impacted by a slow first quarter include the wireless market, specifically the mobile phone segment, and the memory market.  Both markets have experienced strong price reductions which are impacting growth and pulling the entire market down.  Analog, on the other hand is expected to perform well in 2016 by growing over 8 percent.  Discretes, sensors and optoelectronics combined should grow by over 5 percent.  However the overall market is expected to grow by only 3 percent.

These forecasts and more are provided by Databeans, Inc.  Databeans is a market research company providing detailed analysis on the semiconductor market.  The company provides trackers and reports on all product markets and application markets in the semiconductor industry.