Autonomous Vehicle Market


In the past few months several of the top automotive vehicle manufacturers have been in the press regarding their offerings down the road for self driving cars including Ford, GM, Volkswagen, Toyota, and BMW.  Most are citing either 2019 or 2020 for new products, just a few short years away.  Globally, the automotive technology market could be worth over $1 billion with average growth rates reaching over 18 percent per year.

The autonomy built into any vehicle, whether it is fully autonomous or selected functions such as parallel parking, requires a significant amount of semiconductors to convert analog signals to digital and back, plus multiple sensor applications including radar, ultrasonic, and lidar.  That data needs to be processed in real-time to determine an immediate course of action.  Image capturing is also essential for this application making this one of the more compelling markets today as it touches each family of the semiconductor market from optoelectronics and sensors to analog signal conversion and digital processing.

The current market for semiconductors used in the automotive is $28 billion worldwide.  While the overall semiconductor market is expected to remain flat this year, automotive revenue is growing by 10 percent.  Long term, this market is expected to bypass growth for computer applications and industrial applications by several points.  For more information on semiconductors used in automotive applications, subscribe to the Databeans Automotive Market Tracker.  This tracker provides forecasts for all segments of the semiconductor industry that serve the automotive application market from chips used in the powertrain, to safety systems and infotainment.

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