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A Turn Around on the Horizon for Mil/Aero

The military and aerospace electronics industry has perhaps received the shot in the arm required to turn the market back to growth.  Even prior to the results of the American Presidential election, which most argue will be beneficial to defense and space OEMs, several large manufacturers have provided upbeat guidance on the coming year. In […]

Supplier Consolidation While Market Idles

There’s been a great deal of exploding news in the high technology space, some news literally reporting explosions.  The main theme though is major acquisitions by chip suppliers.  The most recent news is Qualcomm’s possible acquisition of NXP Semiconductors. NXP recently acquired Freescale Semiconductor which added to its already solid automotive IC business, plus gave […]

Semiconductors in Medical Applications – A New Study

The applications using semiconductors in the medical industry continues to advance with more connectivity, smaller form factors, and higher performance. This market categorically should be growing much faster than other commercial markets, but there are several factors that impact this segment which has curtailed investment by the service providers for new technology, including public policy […]

Autonomous Vehicle Market

In the past few months several of the top automotive vehicle manufacturers have been in the press regarding their offerings down the road for self driving cars including Ford, GM, Volkswagen, Toyota, and BMW.  Most are citing either 2019 or 2020 for new products, just a few short years away.  Globally, the automotive technology market could […]