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2016 Semiconductor Revenue Forecast

After the completion of the first quarter, the semiconductor industry is on track for another year of marginal growth, but not all product markets will be affected.  Notable markets impacted by a slow first quarter include the wireless market, specifically the mobile phone segment, and the memory market.  Both markets have experienced strong price reductions […]

Semiconductor Market: Integrated Circuits and Technology

Integrated circuits can be classified on the basis of circuit technology, design style, circuit size and design type. Technologies used in manufacturing ICs are complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS), n-type metal oxide semiconductor (NMOS), bi-polar junction transistor (BJT) and BiCMOS among others. Different design styles are standard cell, field programmable gate array (FPGA) and gate […]

Power Management Market Research

According to our research, the worldwide power management market is expected to grow by 4 percent this year.  Discretes which include transistors, rectifiers and thyristors are expected to remain flat which is causing the overall forecast to remain in single digits.  The power IC market is expected to grow by 9 percent however. The 2016 […]

Analog Market Research and Integrated Circuits

Integrated circuits are set of electronic circuits in which all the active and passive electronic components are fabricated on a single chip. Different active components include operational amplifiers (op-amp) and batteries. Passive components are capacitors, resistors and inductors. Continuous development of production processes and design of ICs lead to cost reduction of electronic equipment. Additionally, […]