Semiconductors in Medical Electronics


2016 Semiconductors in Medical Electronics

The application design using semiconductors in the medical industry continues to advance with more connectivity, smaller form factors, and higher performance. This market categorically should be growing much faster than other commercial markets, but there are several factors that impact this segment which has curtailed growth, including public policy and skyrocketing cost. Nevertheless, the market is on track this year for growth. This report covers the entire medical market including data on wearables used both for medical monitoring and for consumer fitness. Forecasts are provided by region, application market segment, application, and by product type. Trends are discussed for the application market as well as the silicon used to create the finished equipment. Market share is also provided for the semiconductor suppliers as well as the equipment manufacturers. Equipment manufacturer spending on semiconductors is also estimated and included.

2015 Medical Semiconductors

For a while now, the semiconductor market has benefitted from the growing medical electronics industry which has been one of the few steady markets long term in the economy. Aging populations, rising incomes in emerging markets, and the unfortunate rise in “lifestyle” diseases are some of the macro-factors driving revenue in medical technology markets. Near term growth is attributable to growing trends in health and wellness management with new applications hitting the market and gaining momentum, including wearables. This study provides forecasts for semiconductors by product family for the medical application market. Forecasts are provided by region, application, and product type. Market share is also provided for semiconductor suppliers and medical equipment manufacturers. Semiconductor spending is also estimated for those manufacturers.

2014 Medical Semiconductors Report

Medical electronics continue to drive demand for high performance semiconductors. Databeans predicts that this application market for circuits will grow from $4.1 billion to over $6 billion in the next five years. This report covers demand for semiconductors in the home medical electronics market, imaging market, and clinical electronics market. Market share for semiconductor suppliers is provided along with market share and estimated semiconductor spend by the diverse medical manufacturing industry.

2013 Medical Semiconductors Report

Databeans segments the rapidly growing global medical market into several sub-segments including home devices, imaging electronics, and clinical electronics. This report provides growth projections and major trends for the medical market across all three applications, as well as the four major regional markets. Finally, this report provides detailed analysis of medical chip consumption and supplier share.