Semiconductors in Military & Aerospace Applications


2014 Semiconductors in Military and Aerospace

The military application market for semiconductors continues to advance at a compound annual growth rate of 5 percent per year. The aerospace application market for devices is advancing at 6 percent each year. Combined this market is expected to reach over $3 billion in 2014. This report provides forecasts for the end market for electronics used in military and aerospace applications along with forecasts for the semiconductors used to build these applications. Forecasts are provided by end market and by region as well as by semiconductor product type. Detailed worldwide revenue and shipment estimates are provided as well as estimates for the large market in the United States. Market share is published for OEMs and estimates are provided for each OEM spends on semiconductors. Market share is also provided for the semiconductor suppliers that serve this market.

2013 Semiconductors in Military and Aerospace

This is the 2012 annual market report for semiconductors used in Military and Aerospace, which are considered a single sub segment of the larger industrial electronics application. This report provides in-depth breakdowns in terms of sales and shipment volumes by region, application, individual products, and finally, by supplier share.