Automotive Market


Q1 2015 Automotive Market Tracker

Worldwide revenue for semiconductors used in automotive applications outpaced the overall semiconductor market with 9 percent growth in 2014. This year, the market is expected to continue to perform with a predicted growth rate of 6 percent. This tracker provides forecasts for all semiconductors used in the automotive market with tables and charts provided by region, application market, and by product type. Market share for semiconductor suppliers is included along with market share for OEMs and the estimated amount the OEMs spent in 2013 and 2014 for semiconductors used in automotive applications.

Q4 2014 Automotive Market Tracker

Due to the increase in demand for electronics in cars and light trucks today, the automotive semiconductor market has been one of the industry segments that has outperformed the overall market. Semiconductor revenue from the automotive application market is forecast to grow again in 2014 with an increase of 8 percent. Long term, this market is growing at about the same rate as in 2014. Semiconductors used in automotive applications are covered in this tracker. Forecasts are provided by subsegment including infotainment, powertrain, safety systems, and the aftermarket. Forecasts are provided for all semiconductor product families and product breakouts for each family. Market share is included for overall semiconductor players in the automotive market as well as OEM market share and estimates for how much each OEM is spending on semiconductors.

Q2 2014 Automotive Market Tracker

The automotive semiconductor market is forecast to grow by 10 percent this year to reach a market size of over $27 billion. All semiconductor categories are used in this market with the primary contributors to revenue being microcontrollers and analog ICs. This tracker provides revenue and shipment forecasts for semiconductors used in the powertrain, safety systems, infotainment and the aftermarket. Market share for the semiconductor suppliers as well as the OEMs is provided. Addition spend analysis by OEM is also included.

Q3 2013 Automotive Market Tracker

Overall, the automotive semiconductor market will increase slightly during the second quarter. Like most consumer products, revenue and unit shipments tend to drop over the summer months after the holiday boom. Databeans predicts that worldwide automotive semiconductor revenue will stay flat in the second quarter from the first quarter. Unit shipments for automotive chips will actually drop by 2 percent quarter over quarter, which will lead to an average increase in price by 2 percent in quarter two. This tracker provides forecasts for all semiconductors used in automotive applications. Forecasts are provided by region, by application market and by product type. Market share is also provided for semiconductor suppliers and the original equipment manufacturers. Semiconductor spending by automotive equipment manufacturers is also provided.