Data Converter Market


Q1 2015 Data Converter Market Tracker

Data Converters continue to drive the standard analog market. This market is expected to reach $2.7 billion this year, an increase of 7 percent over 2014. High Speed Analog to Digital Converters are expected to outperform in this category with an expected increase of 9 percent and an average growth rate of 10 percent over the next five years. This tracker provides subscribers with forecasts for Data Converters including Analog-Digital Converters, Digital-Analog Converters, Analog Switches, Muxes, and Potentiometers. Forecasts are provided by region, market segment, application market, and by product type. Market share is also provided for 2014 and 2013 by region and by product type.

Q4 2014 Data Converter Market Tracker

2014 is expected to end with the overall data converter growing by 9 percent over 2013. Driving this growth includes both high speed ADCs as well as high speed DACs. Long term, this market continues to drive the overall analog market with a long term growth rate also predicted to be 9 percent. This tracker provides forecasts for all data converters by region, market segment, application, and by product type. New tables have been added for the DAC market including breakouts for revenue by supply voltage, channel number, and DAC type. Market Share is also provided.

Q3 2014 Data Converter Market Tracker

The worldwide Data Converter market is expected to increase by double digits this year and have a strong growth rate moving forward. This tracker provides forecasts by region, market segment, application, and product type for ADCs, DACs, and Other Mixed Signal products. 2013 Market Share is also provided.