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Q3 2018 Audio Market Tracker

The audio application market spans from consumer electronics goods to the automotive market where designs are used to create high quality audio in vehicles. This market is expected to reach $24 billion this year which is a 15 percent increase over 2017.

The Databeans audio market tracker provides forecasts for audio applications by semiconductor product. Forecasts are provided by region and by application. Market share is also provided for the semiconductor suppliers as well as the OEMs. OEM spending on semiconductors is also estimated.

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Q3 2018 Timing Devices Market Tracker

Integrated solutions continue to eat into the traditional timing devices market. Growing at a compound annual growth rate of 8 percent, revenue from these ICs should dominate the market by 2020. The clock generation product family is the fastest growing as well as MEMs technology and CMOS solutions. The crystal clock market is growing around 4 percent per year.

Databeans provides the Timing Devices Market Tracker which includes 4 issues delivered every three months. Products covered include legacy crystal oscillators, PLLs, clock synthesizers, clock distribution ICs, and newer CMOS and MEMs timing products. Forecasts are provided for revenue and shipments by region, market segment, application area, and product type. Market share is also provided.

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Q3 2018 Industrial Semiconductor Market Tracker

Databeans has revised its forecast for the industrial application market for semiconductors slightly higher due to continued high pricing in the memory market. The market should reach a high of $46 billion this year and continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6 percent per year.

Databeans Industrial Semiconductor Market Tracker provides forecasts for all semiconductor families used in industrial applications such as medical, process control, test, measurement, military and aerospace. Forecasts are provided by region, segment, application, and by product type. All segments of the semiconductor market are included. Market share is also provided for the suppliers as well as the OEMs and their estimated spending on silicon.

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Q3 2018 Interface Market Tracker

The interface market includes analog and digital interconnect. This year, we are expecting a worldwide revenue growth of 13 percent for analog products and 10 percent for digital products. While the consumer market for digital products is expected to grow by 13 percent, the larger communications and computer markets are expected grow at 12 and 9 percent respectively.

This tracker provides subscribers with forecasts for interface by product type, region, application, and market segment. Interface products covered in this subscription include RS-232, RS-422/RS-485, USB, PCI, PCIe, Firewire, Display, CAN, LVDS, Ethernet, UARTs, and Modems. Market share is also provided.

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