Predictions for Power Management, Data Converters and other Analog Products for 2016


Recently released trackers from Databeans covers power management market research, data converter market research, interface market research, and market research on sensors and MEMs.  All of these trackers provided detailed forecasts by region, market segment, application, and product type.  New market share results are also included.

The Power Management Market Tracker provides detailed coverage on power transistors, rectifiers, thyristors, linear regulators, switching regulators, battery management ICs, supervisors, voltage reference, and other power devices. Due to a slowdown in demand for memory and smartphone logic components, the overall semiconductor market is expected to remain relatively flat in 2016. The power management market however, is expected to outperform by growing by 8 percent driven primarily by demand for switching regulators, battery management ICs, and power transistors.

The Interface Market Tracker covers analog as well as digital interconnect devices that are used to connect electronics.  Standards and products include serial (RS-232, RS-422, RS-485), USB, PCI, display, LVDS, UARTs, Ethernet, and MODEMs.  The interface market is expected to post a modest recovery in 2016 and should reach $4.7 billion.

The data converter market is on track to outperform the overall industry in terms of worldwide revenue growth again this year.  Last year the market came close to the record high of $2.9 billion set in 2010. This year, the market is expected to surpass $3 billion.  The Data Converter Market Tracker covers analog to digital converters, digital to analog converters, digital potentiometers, analog switches, and multiplexers.

The Sensors and MEMs Market Tracker covers all sensor products as well as actuators and other MEMs devices.  Product categories include microfluidic MEMs, pressure sensors, accelerometers, optical MEMs, temperature sensors, magnetic field sensors and other actuators and MEMs.  2015 should bode well for the worldwide sensors and MEMs market. This market is expected to grow by 13 percent this year, while the overall semiconductor market is expected to remain relatively flat in terms of revenue. Sensors and MEMs are important products used in all market segments to determine pressure, temperature, orientation, and other real world phenomenon.

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