Sensor Demand Strong Thanks to Automotive, Commercial and Industrial Applications

Worldwide sensor revenue has outperformed the overall semiconductor market in nine of the last 12 years. This market has been primarily driven by mobile phone demand. However, there are a myriad of new applications and some existing ones that are gaining new intelligence, also driving growth. These application areas are largely in the automotive, commercial, and industrial semiconductor markets.

Applications from intelligent vending like the new McDonald's self serve kiosks to robotics in factory automation are driving demand for all types of sensors. In the automotive space, sensors are the foundation for bringing autonomous driving to the mass market as they are crucial in all safety systems as well as navigation and drive. These and other segments of the industrial market are driving demand for sensor devices that will be required to collect the substantial amounts of real world signals.

Sensor revenue in 2016 reached over $10 billion, double the size of the market a few years ago. Worldwide revenue grew that year by 23 percent while the overall semiconductor industry revenue remained flat. This year the market is predicted to grow another 14 percent reaching over $12 billion.

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